Brochure Printing & Design in Brentwood & Essex

Brochures are one of the very best marketing tools used by businesses not only in Brentwood or Essex but throughout the entire UK. Here at Creative Art Ltd we have expert graphic designers on site to get the very best from your brochure printing.

A full colour brochure can set your business apart from the competition and aid in converting potential clients. A great return on investment can be achieved from a perfectly designed and printed brochure.

Brochure Printing

Why choose Creative Art for you Brochure printing

Here at Creative Art Ltd we take the design and print of brochures for our customers seriously. We have been in the print business since 1999 and have years of experience in both the design and print of high quality full colour brochures. Time and time again we hear of customers getting cheap quotes for these valuable marketing tools yet when they turn up they are disappointed.

Let us try and clear something up here, a brochure regardless of what your line of business is a marketing tool for your company and something you should take great pride in. How would you react if someone sent you a brochure looking for you to purchase something from them or acquire their services and the quality of the design was poor, difficult to read or printed on low quality paper. This is not the way we work.

Why use Brochures

If you own a company, big or small, making it visible to potential customers is crucial to your success. And what makes a company more evident than advertisements that feature your company’s name? Advertisement is important so that people know that you exist. It can take the form of a commercial on television, a printed advertisement in your local newspaper, or a brochure.

We’ve put together the top benefits of using brochures…

Easy to read

Brochures are a great material to use as they can be set out in a way which separates each subject, or product or service that you offer. They can have their own section which means that customers can easily see which area is suited to what they are looking for, quickly and easily as they won’t have to spend time looking through the rest of the content.


Brochures can include a range of information, flyers and leaflets can be bundled together and include lots of different information which doesn’t flow effectively. Brochures tend to be a larger size so you won’t have to cut down on the information you want to include, which also means that you can make sure it flows well for those who are reading it.


Brochures will give you the opportunity to consider the way you was to showcase your information, there’s plenty of space to fill up so you can consider different styles and designs, making sure that it portrays your brand, products and services effectively. With brochures, due to their layout, this means that customers are more likely to take it away with them instead of just reading it there and then.

Value for money

Using brochure to advertise is popular as they can be distributed easily and at low costs, as well as being able to target larger audiences straight away and know that the information is literally in there in their hands.

What is a Brochure?

Also known as a pamphlet, a brochure is a leaflet advertisement. What sets a brochure apart from a flyer is the fact that it is usually folded and uses a higher-quality paper, and more colour. Brochures can take the form of a bi-fold, or tri-fold, or a booklet, depending upon the requirements of the advertisement. Brochures are normally printed on thick gloss paper using four-color process. Computer printers, or digital printers can be used to print a small number of brochures, but offset printing is more economical for larger volumes of brochures. This is exactly what we do here at Creative Art Ltd in Brentwood, set out to cope with whatever quantity you require, large or small we will never disappoint.

Successful brochures should be eye-catching and colorful – something that people cannot ignore. Not only do they advertise products or services of a company, they can also promote locations, hotels, events or causes. So whatever it is that you want to advertise, a good-quality brochure is a sure-fire way to grab attention.

Printed brochures are everywhere today. Printing service firms in many parts of the world are directing their efforts solely towards brochure printing. And thanks to the advancements in technology, the Internet has changed the picture for the brochure printing industry. There is now a growing online market for brochure printing. Customers can now use a brochure printing company’s online websites to place orders from the comfort of their offices, or homes.

In addition, advancements in digital technology, desktop publishing software, and graphic design tools have changed the traditional method of printing brochures. Important features of a brochure, such as the contents, designs and layouts, have been enhanced by the use of digital technology. Now, not only can brochures be ordered online, they can be custom-designed by the customer, who can choose from a vast array of templates or stencils. These can then be edited in computers for further improvements and supplied or produced immediately, sometimes within 24 hours!

Brochure Print Romford

Good brochure printing can be profitable for your company to boost the image, and build sales. So it is important to choose the right printing service for the best results. Alongside the printing of full-color and digital brochures, printing service firms today offer many additional services to customers, including circulation, direct mailing, designing, etc. However, a good printing company must have the expertise and experience in the industry. Quality should be its utmost priority, and it must have a variety of product to ensure complete satisfaction.

Always an effective marketing strategy, the distribution of brochures can enhance the knowledge of customers about a company or its products. So, why not order your first lot of brochures today? Distribute them by hand, post them to clients, or leave them on the counters of retail stores and enjoy the effects of a high-quality brochure on your company sales.

We are based in Brentwood but offer a brochure printing service throughout Romford, Brentwood, Dagenham, Essex, and across the whole UK. We have a wide selection of paper weights and quality to choose form so get in touch today to find out our latest special offers.


Ideally, if you can save your artwork as a high resolution PDF file, this is usually the best format. However we will also accept Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign files, if possible please save your artwork with bleed and crop marks. If you are sending more one file, please make sure that the filenames are easily identifiable.

Should you be sending your own artwork across for printing, you can send this over email, or should it be too large, we’ll accept transfers through WeTransfer and Dropbox. Do not hesitate to call a member of our team, who will be more than happy to talk you through the process or answer any questions you may have.

No we can help with that too, at Creative Art we are home to a team of experience designers who have a wealth of experience and skills when it comes to producing the most perfect design which incorporates all of your needs. Our talk you through the whole process, from considering your initial ideas, to the design and the topic, we can help turn your ideas into reality.

Absolutely, a proof is a one off copy of your document, we’ll create it after all of the final changes and amends have been made and printed setup processes have been applied. Reviewing your proof will be your last and best opportunity to make sure that the print job comes out exactly how you’d expect. By checking and inspecting the proof, you can make sure that an accurate and flawless delivery of your print job in the first run.

When it comes to design and printing, at Creative Art, every single one of our project is totally bespoke, we tailor all clients’ printing requirements to make sure that not only are all of their requirements met, but they also receive the highest standard of products and service. We provide free quotes, simply visit and fill in the form, or call our team today!